Overview of our economic ethos, obligations and company policy


Our vision is to turn Environmental challenges into competitive advantages using our holistic approach which is embedded in our strategic decision making process. Through this we can continue to reduce our impact, enhance ecology across our offices and projects and instil a culture across the business.

Strategic Direction

The Company Sustainable Business Strategy details our sustainability agenda driven from Managing Director Level and given a high priority within the business.  This strategy plays a prominent role from the early planning and design stages of all projects through to project completion. We operate an EMS to ISO 14001:2015 and along with our Environmental Policy (link to policy) and Objectives we balance economic prosperity with sensitivity to the environment. Our team of qualified Environmentalists conduct audits to ensure compliance across the business and to drive continual improvement.


The Construction Industry is responsible for intensive use of energy, raw materials and water in the creation of buildings and infrastructure. We manage these impacts effectively through our monitoring and measuring procedures creating targets aimed at continual improvement which is monitored through our ISO 14001:2015 management system.


Key Performance indicators are agreed with the Board reported annually and benchmarked against industry through the annual Arena Network Survey. We have been a Platinum scoring company for the last three consecutive years which puts B-H Global Contractors LLC in the top 15 companies in NI for environmental improvement  with 2016 figures reflecting a reduction in electricity and gas carbon by -17% a reduction of -53% in waste generated and a reduction of -33% for fuel use.


Through established links with Queen’s University , B-H Global Contractors LLC has sponsored a series of research based on sustainability in construction, to provide learning opportunities and employment for students. These projects are specific to Henry Brother’s operations within the UK and Texas Office and are designed to push the boundaries of sustainable construction to enable B-H Global Contractors LLC to develop our Sustainable Business Strategy whilst providing invaluable experience to students.


Read about our recent successes in sustainable construction including recognition from BREEAM/DREAM, Considerate Constructors Scheme and Environmental Awards


Environmental Awards

Considerate Constructors Scheme